Inbound Marketing Assessment

Face First Creative will perform the following evaluations and research during an initial inbound marketing assessment.Estimated time to complete each part of the assessment is included, and will be completed over the course of 30 days.


Approximately 2 hours

  • Explore current content, structure, SEO settings, layout, and U/X
  • Identify competitors with best ratings for desired
  • keywords and evaluate what they are doing better
  • Check site speed

Sales/Marketing Goals

Approximately 3 hours

  • Assess short-term (6 months) and long-term (24 months) goals
    • Determine the amount of content creation and promotion required to reach lead goals

Social Media Presence

Approximately 2 hours

  • Evaluate which platforms are/should be used
  • Assess reach and engagement
  • Evaluate effectiveness and frequency of posts
    • How can they be improved?
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of pictures, videos, CTAs

Buyer Persona/Company Profile

Approximately 3 hours

  • Evaluate target market
  • Review current client characteristics
    • Determine the personas in similar companies
    • Use persona development and company profile worksheets to build on personas

Budget Requirements

Approximately 3 hours

  • Determine how to make the best use of current budget
  • Establish an anticipated budget for long-term goals
  • Calculate the budget required to achieve inbound marketing and sales goals

Resources Evaluation

Approximately 4 hours

  • Identify employees with the skills and bandwidth to complete tasks outlined in the strategy
  • Provide recommendations for external resources needed to complete tasks that your company does not have internally


Approximately 4 hours

  • Create 6-12 month plan for meeting short and long-term objectives based on goals, resources and budget

Assessment Cost

Total hours/cost: 21 hours/$2,500