Video Marketing
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The first website was launched way back in 1991. It was, to say the least, not very attractive. But, hey, we didn’t know any better yet. And although search engine optimization—SEO, as it’s more commonly known—didn’t originate until 1997, it’s likely that you’ve had it in the back of your mind since you started working....
Make Your Boring Subject Matter Easy To Consume For many of us, reading about software or technology is worse than stepping on a Lego during our midnight trips to the bathroom. Find other ways to present your content so that it’s easier for your visitors to comprehend and engage with. Infographics and videos are great...
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Do you remember what your 4th-grade teacher's hair looked like? A brunette beehive, right? Do you remember what she wrote on your report card? Didn't think so. That's because we process text in our short-term memory and visuals in our long-term memory, according to Vidyard's Marketing VP Tyler Lessard.