St. Nicholas Day and Black Peter
I will forever need a nightlight. I peek in the shower before using the bathroom. I flinch at loud noises. And, at the achy old age of 36, I’m afraid to be home alone. Other than the occasional locked-in-the-basement prank from my brother, I see no other reason for these fears than St. Nicholas himself....
kids at bus stop
As students and teachers are gearing up to head back to school, and as one of us is coming off of his 20th high school reunion, we’ve been finding ourselves reminiscing about the good old days. I don’t mean “the good old days” like our parents do when they tell us about going to watch...
Fridays at Face First Creative are designated for sloppy breakfast sandwiches, yes, but more so internal to-do lists. We dubbed these days “Face First Fridays.” Go ahead, take a minute to recover from our astonishing creativity. Face First Friday often kicks off with us Slacking each other some faceplant GIFs from GIPHY, which you know is...
I can count on one hand how many things I like about living in Central New York in March. Four of those things are McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. But you can get those anywhere there’s a McDonald’s, so maybe that doesn’t count. I guess I like one thing. Syracuse men’s basketball. And the Orange were on...
pizza costume
I once threw up after eating frozen pizza. It wasn’t the pizza’s fault—it’s never the pizza’s fault—I believe I was dealing with a Killian’s-Irish-Red-inspired affliction. But, as I do with every food I’ve ever regurgitated, I swore it off indefinitely. I now refer to that time in my late teen years as The Real Great...
Like Allison mentioned in her previous post on this subject, a search for the perfect stock photo can be a bit of an adventure. Doing what we do here at FFC, we spend A LOT of time photo hunting and let me tell you buddy, we've come across some doozies! 
cat mug shot
I often come across things that make me think, “whose job is it to come up with this stuff?” Like, flavor descriptions on Vitamin Water labels, or paint color names (just what color is Anonymous?). It’s usually followed up with a “how can I get that job?”
bridal gown
Are you caught in the Alfred Angelo aftermath? We have some ideas to help you still comfortably(ish) find your way to the altar.
quitting job
I loved the people. I loved the company. I loved the food. Ohh, how I loved the food. Hell, I even loved my actual job. But my time was up. And, although I couldn’t pinpoint the reason, after 6 and a half secure years, it was time to move on.
There's a day for everything. I’m not just referring to, like, Taco Tuesday, but an actual nationally recognized, on-some-legit-calendars day. Today, for example, is Brother's Day. Come on.
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