5 MORE Head-Scratchingly Common Stock Photo Themes (and don’t forget about the contest)


Like Allison mentioned in her previous post on this subject, a search for the perfect stock photo can be a bit of an adventure. Doing what we do here at FFC, we spend A LOT of time photo hunting and let me tell you buddy, we’ve come across some doozies!

Here are some more themes we often see while looking for regular ol’ professional businessy photos.

1. Awkwardly adrift

man afloat on chair

man with head in sand

at sea
We’re hoping this hand eventually found the guy on the chair.

2. Utter bewilderment

man wrapped in cords

woman with question mark on head

horse man and man horse
What’s more peculiar—the horse with a man’s torso, the man’s bottom and legs with a horse head and no arms, or the sneaker prints in the sand?

3. Yikes!

scared young man

kitty hiding

man shocked at laptop
Two Girls, One Cup?

4. Serious squabble (while wearing matching outfits?)

business men fighting

man and woman strangling each other

fighting hamsters
Actually, these two could very well be dancing. We’ll never know.

5. Extreme wipeout

man falling on stairwell

man falls on wet floor

man falls on wet floor with coffee mug in hand
Loafers have never made good running shoes.

Join us in the stock photo madness!

Have a favorite nonsensical stock photo? Share it with us on Facebook! We’ll choose our favorite and the winner will receive a free t-shirt (brand new, even—not from one of our dressers). Submit by September 15th to be considered a winner. Click here to enter the contest.

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